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Newsletter - 24th December, 2021

Date: 23-12-2021

Dear parent,

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m Possible”.

Firstly, we would like to express our outmost gratitude and heartily thanks to the parents of our students for taking the initiative and acknowledging our humble request for sending your child back to the school and classes. It was a delight well for us in welcoming back our students into the building and the extensive preparing and the planning put into making our Kennedy High re-entry safe for welcoming the student is testament and commitment of our excites staff in regards of the students wellbeing.

Our primary goal is to adjust the children to the building and reengaging positively with other students in order to nature them in their idea learning environment.

With this we reassure the parents that we are ensuring that no stone gets unturned and to have a safe and healthy environment for your children to study. It really will be quite wonderful to see shiny eyes peeking over the tops of masks, as students arrive at the school.

To inaugurate this occasion our management has decided to conduct a quiz for the children to participate in hopes that it will break the ice that is their long online learning and awful staring at laptop screens and other electronic devices. This also revitalizes their passion of learning and competing with other students in the shaping of their bright future.




Round Type


Level 1

​A student whoever answer more number of questions in less time will be selected for further levels.


Level 2

​A student whoever answer more number of questions in less time will be selected for further levels.


Level 3

Rapid fire Round → A classic round with a certain number of questions to a particular team to be answered with in a certain time period. → 10 question will be fired at all one after another. →Each answer carries 10 points. →The question has to be answered in 20 seconds.


Level 4

Visual cum General round

→Each Team will be shown a picture/pose a question.

→The question has to be answered in 30 seconds.


Level 5

In Case of a tie.

In case of a tie after the 4th round the tied teams get into a rapid fire round.

Positive answer carries 25 as vice versa negative answer will be penalized with -25.


  • Level-I and Level-II rounds will be conducted through online.

  • Level-III and Level-IV will be conducted offline in our school premises.

  • No negative points up to IV level.

Registration details:

  • Registration link will be available on the website homepage or you can click on register now button below

  • For Level 1 + Level 2 students need to pay Rs. 50 through phone pay numbers.

  • Students from 1-5 grades will pay amount to Rajeshwari Madam-9949030636 (Phone Pe),

  • And from 6-10 grades will pay amount to Bharathi Madam-9014063356 (Phone Pe).

  • Due to request of parents, we are opening the registration forms without online payments which is why it mentions the price as Zero while registering. But for confirming the registration, the students/Parents have to share the payment proof along with the registration number with their respective class teacher. Payment details are mentioned above. At the same time by registering their kids for the quiz competition, parents would be acknowleding the fact that they are encouraging their kids to participate in this quiz competition by their interest.


The entire participant will receive participant’s certificates for their participation in quiz competition and winners will receive attractive cash prize, Medals and many more as per norms.

Once again thanks to each and every parent who supported us in every competition of the school.



Kennedy High The Magnet School

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