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About Kennedy High The Magnet School

Kennedy Magnet's journey towards education excellence began in 2009 with an ideal mix of academic and corporate professionals who felt the shared need to provide inclusive education.


At Kennedy Magnet, we challenge our students with a unique educational experience which emphasises a seamless blend of academics, sports, performing arts, community and experiential learning programmes. Kennedy Magnet is an institution which was envisaged to provide young students with a healthy environment to nurture themselves cognitively, intellectually, artistically and athletically; along with also imbibing our moral and cultural values, which will enable them to become responsible global citizens of tomorrow. Our core teaching methodologies focus on a blend of traditional classroom learning combined with extensive sports facilities, wide range of extra-curricular activities, numerous social and cultural events and similar special occasions, which ensure a holistic approach to our students’ overall growth and progress. Our caring teachers devote themselves to our students and their needs every day; while also being their guardian, mentor and friend.


We also firmly believe in creating an atmosphere for collaborative learning; wherein our students grow with experiences from the outside world - their surroundings, their families, their peers and through their deep bonds of friendship.


Kennedy Magnet was established you inculcate unified set of values and beliefs in students with focus on academic excellence along with holistic development. It is our sole vision to create the best support system for our students and parents to bring out the best in the child. 


We believe that every child is unique and strives for success in multiple fields, for which a balanced environment is a pre requisite from early childhood. Structuring the mind to see the best in & around it helps sculpt the child into a global citizen with awareness of his/her society, nation & world.


We at Kennedy Magnet enable the development of the child in 3 major & most important aspects that tap the various quotients in a millennial -

    1.    Intelligence Quotient (IQ) - this measures the comprehension ability to solve Problems, the ability to memorise - which is achieved by our efficient staff with excellent academic qualification.

    2.    Emotional Quotient (EQ) - This measures the ability to take up responsibility, respect boundaries, honesty, being humble and genuine, where we emphasis on character building.

    3.    Social Quotient (SQ) - This teaches the quality of co-existing in a society, the ability to build a network of friends & maintain relationships.


These aspects enable the child to bring out the best in themselves and enables their all-round development through the joy of learning, enduring values and the celebration of diversity.

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M.A, B.Ed

From the Principal's Desk:

*School is a temple of knowledge & joy, we certainly believe that it is “home away from home”. 

A strong education system is the backbone of any nation. Our objective is to provide an environment for the holistic development of a child to fulfil his power of existence and to serve the nation.*


Our team consists of experienced and dynamic individuals, who drive the institution with a passion to impart quality education and are committed to the overall development of the students at Kennedy Magnet.


“Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” - Albert Einstein 

B.Sc, M.B.A
Packaging Technologist and Educationist


LLB, MBA, M.Sc(Psychology) & Honorary Doctorate in Education Educationist


“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in men”


“We believe in creating leaders”

B.Com (CA)

Finance, Marketing & Educationist

Shreya Rao Kamavarapu Miss India 2018

“The biggest learning is that there's always scope for improvement."

B.Arch | International Etiquette Consultant | Miss India 2018 Runner-Up | TEDx Speaker

Welcome to Kennedy Magnet

Welcome to Kennedy Magnet

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