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Kennedy Magnet offers nationally established CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum.

The core curriculum in our primary and secondary school includes the best of the board, thus giving a competitive edge to our young learners and the leaders of tomorrow. At Kennedy Magnet, the learning objectives of the CBSE board are successfully combined with our philosophy of focusing on our students and their learning needs. 


The prime focus of our curriculum is to innovate teaching-learning methodologies by developing paradigms that are conducive for students. Thus, the continuous and comprehensive assessment system at Kennedy Magnet ensures that our students are never over-burdened. For this, we emphasise on:

  1. Easy and stress-free assessment tools that value our students’ creativity and help teachers assess their cognitive skills.

  2. Integrating our tradition & values, through various activities including bhagavad gita recitation and yoga. 

  3. Emphasis on co cirricular activities and field trip to be updated and at par with the fast moving world.

  4. Encouraging sports in our curriculum, to build team management and leadership qualities.

  5. Further, our teachers regularly update their pedagogical skills by attending service training programmes and workshops.


The CBSE curriculum at Kennedy Magnet is divided into Pre-Primary (Nursery, LKG, UKG), Primary Level (Grades 1 to 4) and Secondary Level (Grades 5 to 10).

The levels are based on:

  • Integrated Curriculum

  • Interdisciplinary Approach

  • Experiential Learning

  • Research Work and

  • Professional Talk.

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